2 Hour Podcast Course



Podcasting. Where do you start?

What type of show do I make, how do I get listeners, where do I host it, how can I monetise it, what gear to do I need, do I even have the time?

It can take weeks, months or even years to research all this information and figure out where to start and how to actually make your show. Then once you make it, it’s a huge time commitment to produce and edit regularly.

I’ve made hundreds of podcasts for clients and grown my own show, Indie Bites, from 0 to 10,000 downloads a month, making thousands in monthly revenue and it all takes me less than than a few hours a week to do.

This short course is going to be succinct and to the point, cutting out all the fluff and with one single goal: help you launch a podcast, grow and monetise a podcast in under 2 hours a week.

What's included

In a three pronged approach I’ll give you the tools you need to make a successful podcast.

  • Section 1 is the theory. A 1 video, broken into 10 chapters on how you come up with a killer idea or concept, how to produce and edit, then what you have to do to grow and monetise.

  • Section 2 is how you put it into practice. A video tutorial where I’ll take you through exactly how I would start, produce, edit and publish my own show completely from scratch. At the end I’ll have an episode live so you can follow my format and make a show for yourself.

  • Section 3 is the system for making the show run efficiently. Notion templates for you to duplicate for my podcast episode CRM, sponsor outreach scripts and documents for planning and preparation.

Why buy this course?

This mini-crash course into podcasting is going to save you months, if not years, learning how to start and run a podcast. In just 2 hours I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to come up with your idea, produce a high quality show, grow and monetise it.


So how much to transform your life with a podcast?


Why $99? That’s how much I made in my first month as a podcaster. So if you follow this course, you’ll make it back in just one month 🤯

All of my years of podcast knowledge poured out to you for the price of a night out. Treat yourself to a night in and turn yourself into a podcaster.

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